Wet Utilities

If its underground and you need it fixed, you’ve come to the right place.

And A sewer runs through it

If it has to do with water and is underground, we can install it, maintain it, or replace it. Using pressurized to gravity flow we will get the water going in the direction that you want.

Montana’s Wet Utilities expert

Because of the potential for illness, sewer problems take a priority here at Lakeside. We will rearrange our schedule to make sure that sewer problems are dealt with first. We stock sewage lift pumps because often pumps don’t fail on a schedule.

“I have worked with Lakeside Excavation Inc. for many years. Their quality workmanship and job knowledge are among the best. They guarantee their work and go out of their way to satisfy the customer. I would recommend Lakeside.”


Jeff Jensen, Deputy Public Works Director, City of Havre

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