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We have the best equipment in the business to ensure that our projects are effectively and professionally executed. Lakeside Excavation prefers Caterpillar. With the best dealer support in the industry, we routinely turn to Cat for our equipment needs. Here are some of the examples of our equipment.


Lakeside has a wide range of excavators, for your project from 40 tons down to 4 tons we have the right size!


With 4 wheels and large buckets loaders can move earth very quickly, we have three from 2.5 cubic yards up to 6. Two of them with quick-change fronts and forks for moving heavy items like precast concrete and large pallets of pipe.


We started our operation with a Backhoe because they are the swiss army knife of machinery. Able to do just about anything. We still have one for good reason!


Dozers are a recent addition to our fleet. They move and shape the earth better than any other piece out there. Our D6K Even has GPS for next level grade control.


What machine can cut fill and compact all at the same time…Scrapers do. We have one to move earth the most efficient way possible.

Track Impactor

Lakeside’s track impactor is ideal for reducing large material into a useable product. Like turning concrete waste into usable road base.

Track Screen

Lakeside’s track screen is the ideal machine to screen small quantities of aggregate. Weather Recycled Aggregate Product or new virgin gravel it is ideal for screening in a small space with fast set up.


From combination vacuum trucks to class 8 truck/tractors and everything in between. Lakeside has the trucks to move heavy equipment, materials, and supplies to your project and beyond.

“I have worked with Lakeside Excavation Inc. for many years. Their quality workmanship and job knowledge are among the best. They guarantee their work and go out of their way to satisfy the customer. I would recommend Lakeside.” 


Jeff Jensen, Deputy Public Works Director, City of Havre

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