Concrete & Asphalt Recycling

Lakeside is focused on taking responsible actions, which is why we recycle concrete and asphalt.

Reusing materials

Lakeside Excavation recycles concrete and asphalt to increase sustainability and reuse materials.

Your concrete and asphalt recycler

We are the only contractor on the highline to recycle asphalt & concrete. We have an impact crusher to turn the concrete and asphalt back into gravel. Reusing the product makes sence for the environment and for us as gravel is hard to find in this part of North Central Montana.

“I have worked with Lakeside Excavation Inc. for many years. Their quality workmanship and job knowledge are among the best. They guarantee their work and go out of their way to satisfy the customer. I would recommend Lakeside.”


Jeff Jensen, Deputy Public Works Director, City of Havre

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